Oil and Gas Service company providing fluid hauling,
vacuum trucks, crane services, boilers and super heaters.

Darcy Coughlin

Darcy Coughlin is the COO for PVT Group, and is responsible for the organization’s daily operations within NW Alberta & NE British Columbia.  Darcy brings a commitment and passion for building and leading exceptional teams with a focus on the logistics fluid and equipment movement within the oil & gas industry. In addition, his leadership responsibilities have included Customer Relations, Quality Control, Human Resources, and HSE leading to a well-rounded operational vision.

Darcy joined PVT Group in early 2011 after a career with Canadian Western Transportation & Klassen Brothers.  Darcy started his career as a driver with Klassen Brothers, and then a transportation coordinator with Canadian Western Transport.  After joining PVT Group in 2011 Darcy has held a number of roles including business development, quality control and General Manager all of which have giving him a diverse set of skills that continue to provide our organization with the ability to achieve operational success.

Darcy’s relentless focus towards continuous improvement and creating a culture that allows our people to all be problem solvers has been a strong driving factor in our businesses success.